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Hoarder House Solutions

"Some of us have a more difficult time letting go than others"

Just because you have a lot of junk or clutter in your home does not mean that you have an issue with hoarding. But for some, the need to hold on to things over the years has made their current living circumstances unmanageable.

Often pinned on America's culture of mass consumption, recent studies show that 6% of the population (or 19 million Americans) are some how affected by hoarding. It has received the attention of researchers, social workers, psychologists, fire marshals, public-health officials and television.

Cleaning out a cluttered house can be a daunting task for anyone. But, for a person who struggles with hoarding, it can be downright traumatic. It helps to have some experienced and caring teammates around to help you accomplish your clean-out goals. We can make it much less overwhelming for you.